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Age: ? (deceased)
Rank: Hokage
Height: 179.2 cm
Weight: 66.1 kg
Birthday: January 25
Blood Type: B
Unique traits: Flying Thunder God Technique, Spiraling Sphere, Dead Demon Consuming Seal

Minato Namikaze was the The Fourth Hokage, also known as “Konoha’s Yellow Flash”, and was the brave and immensely powerful ninja responsible for sealing the Nine-Tailed Demon Fox inside Naruto Uzumaki, an action that required him to sacrifice his life. After strongly hinting at the link throughout the series, it was eventually revealed that Minato was Naruto’s father.


He is said to be the greatest ninja Konoha had ever produced. Though his skills in combat go largely unwitnessed, he was considered dangerous enough that a flee-on-sight order was given in regards to him during the Third Ninja War. Before performing the seal on the demon fox, Minato said that he did not want Naruto to be viewed as the container of a monster, but as a hero who saved the village from annihilation. This request, however, was not honored by the villagers, who still held much resentment for the demon fox. Along with two other unknown Genin, he was a student of Jiraiya; he was the sensei of Kakashi Hatake, Obito Uchiha, and Rin.


Minato created several distinctive techniques, including the Flying Thunder God Technique, which essentially allowed him to teleport to any location with the use of a special seal, or “jutsu formula”. By attaching the seal to a kunai or an enemy, Minato could teleport to the location of the seal unnoticed, allowing him to wipe out nearby opponents almost instantly. He also created the Rasengan, a technique that does not rely on hand seals but instead uses a concentration of spinning chakra in one’s palm that causes immense damage to its victim on contact. Later in the series it is revealed that technique is actually incomplete. Minato had planned to add his own nature manipulation training to the Rasengan, making it even more powerful, but couldn’t manage to prior to his death.


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