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Now my thoughts for Naruto 450:

1. Nagato Made a Jutsu That Would UNDO Everything He Did to Konoha

* * It is a very noble thing to do, to show Naruto that he ABSOLUTELY and WITHOUT A DOUBT believe in Naruto as a person who can fulfill his friend’s (Yahiko) lifelong dream. Yahiko’s dream is Nagato’s driving force, it is the reason why he is alive.
* * For Nagato, he never saw that dream – but he believes, that even if he is gone, PEACE can happen through Naruto.

2. Kakashi, Pa Frog and Shizune are all ALIVE!!

Man! We waited half a year for this. You missed all the excited sleepy head. But I’m glad you’re back.




  1. I’ve always hoped Kabuchimaru would be the end villain with Sasuke fighting Madara beforehand, and Naruto having to deal with someone else or resolving his differences with Sasuke in a fight just before (had originally though it would be Pain, but could be zetsu or someone now I suppose). Doesn’t really look that way now as I guess with all the foreshadowing Madara will now have to be the final character, it just seems a waste of the original arch villain though.

    Um, I hate the cow but I think Sakura and the others should get some equivalent screen-time fighting Root right now, plus that would annoy Sasuke if he arrives to find all of his work done. Also if they kill Tsunade it’ll move the plot along.

    I like Naruto getting more fights but I’d prefer if he remained in the realm of some plausibility, I don’t want him to keep having consecutive fights like Sasuke did with Orochimaru, Deidara and Itachi. That arc was good I guess but it struggled to be believable at times, especially when there was the teleporting snake and bollocks like that.

  2. There are a couple of things I am wondering about though. Why didn’t Nagato revive people from his gang or at least Yahiko when he’s actually able to control life and death? I mean, I understand that he dies because he gave his wishes and dreams to Naruto but why didn’t he revive Yahiko before or maybe Jiraiya? I understand that the reason he died isn’t because the technique requires the user’s life but because he was running out of chakra and is worn out: But before he wasn’t all worn out, why didn’t he revived Yahiko instead of just crying about it? Just wondering though. It isn’t very significant anyways. But nice chapter. Some DBZ sauce to it.

    • Because he can only revivo people that where killed by him and there is a time limit to it. That’s why he couldn´t bring jiraya back.

      Only the persons the he killed in konoha, because it was recent.

  3. The meeting of the Kages is probably going to only be the five recognised kages but it would be cool if Konan returned as Amekage later on, I hope she isn’t just dumped as a character. Then again I suppose Madara might appear and kill her soon. Although she can fly away in the wind, obviously making her difficult to find, it doesn’t help that Pain was letting Madara walk around amegakure so I guess he could ambush her.

    • ah, the kages.. so sand attacked and now their kage is an ally of konoha through naruto’s devotion and ability to touch people… same with… wait… anyone seeing a pattern? does naruto save killerbee and make friends with yet another kage?? is the overall arc going to be a kage lovefest?

      gaara, konan…

      but can naruto prove to sasuke that if root is stamped out, konoha can be a place for uchiha once again? what if sasuke learns of naruto’s lineage? does naruto sacrifice his own dream of hokage to sasuke to get his friend back??

  4. Naruto shippuden 450 Prediction:-Enjoy
    – The Return and new direction –

    “Naruto looks as Konan starts her journey towards Amegakure”

    “Naruto takes the flowers”

    Naruto: – My hope will never die as long as I live. This is my promise to you Konan.
    Konan: – Thank you Naruto. You may really be the light of hope we have all been dreaming of but couldn’t see.

    “Naruto looks down and then up towards the sky”

    Naruto: – I have a lot to tend to….I will return to the village now but I will contact you in Amegakure if all works out.

    “Naruto just remembers something”

    Naruto: – Oh, and you should look out for a masked man in Akatsuki.

    “Konan looks serious”

    Konan: – Why do you say that?
    Naruto: – Someone we can trust told me about it. He apparently is using Akatsuki for other means.
    Konan: ………
    Naruto: Do you know who this is?
    Konan: Yes. His name is Madara Uchiha. I’m sure you’ve heard of him?

    “Naruto looks a little shocked”

    Naruto: – Madara…Uchida? The man who fought the first.
    Konan: – That’s him.
    Naruto: – Uchida! That reminds me! Madara told us Sasuke defeated Itachi!

    “Konan hesitates”

    Konan: – ..Yes..he did….
    Naruto: – Do you know what happened to him then? Madara and that plant guy seemed to go after him….
    Konan: – Actually he joined Akatsuki… Last I heard from him was that he wanted some kind of revenge on Konoha for doing something towards Itachi.

    Flashback ends

    Naruto thinks to himself as he watches the disappearing figures of Konan and her friends: Sasuke…..What are you doing?

    Switch scene to Sasuke:

    “Sasuke and the gang are getting ready to leave, Madara enters.”

    Sasuke: – What is it?
    Madara: – I just got the information that Pain lost to the nine tails.

    “Close up on Sasuke’s wide opened eyes in disbelief”

    Sasuke: -Impossible…Naruto could never have…

    “Madara studies Sasuke”

    Madara: – That’s right, you don’t know this but Naruto took out other Akatsuki members as well.

    “Sasuke looks at Madara with astonishment”

    Sasuke thinks to himself: How strong have that cluts gotten?
    Sasuke: – I don’t know how it happened but it seems Naruto has become pretty strong huh?
    Madara: – It seems we underestimated the kid yes. For Pain to be defeated…It’s no small task.
    Sasuke: – This is interesting news… It won’t be easy then as I’m sure Naruto will protect Konoha at all costs….
    Madara: – So that means to achieve your goals you will need to face him..will you be up for that?

    “Sasuke looks indifferent at Madara”

    Sasuke: – I have defeated him before and there is no way he could defeat me.
    Madara: – Then you wouldn’t mind recovering the nine – tails in place of Pain while your at it yes?

    “Sasuke hesitates, then he smiles”
    Sasuke thinks: I would like to see just how strong my new abilities are….and Naruto is the perfect person that represents the will of fire…And It can’t be avoided if I’m to revenge Itachi.

    Sasuke: – I will have my revenge..and If Naruto tries to stop me I will take him down. I have no more ties to him, I cut them already in the valley of the end.

    “Madara watches Sasuke with delight and even a little fear”
    Madara thinks: How long has it been since I felt even the slightest hint of fear? He is ruthless even to the degree of Insanity. He will be very strong… My goals is finally getting closer.

    Madara: – Excellent. You know what to do, I’ll leave the rest to you.

    Switch to Naruto:

    “As Konan disappears Naruto relaxes and feels the fatigue he didn’t before”
    “Naruto gasps for air and kneels down”
    Katsuyu: – Naruto! Hold on…Neji and Rock Lee is coming to help you!

    “Naruto looks at Katsuyu at his shoulder”

    Naruto: – They are? How?
    Katsuyu: – I’m leading them to you, Neji insisted.
    Naruto: – That’s fine…I’m alright but I’m kind of tired.

    “Neji and Lee arrive at the ground where Naruto is kneeling”

    Neji: – Naruto!
    Lee: – Naruto, are you alright?

    “They both come up to him and support him so he can stand. Lee looks around and Neji uses Byuukan to look around”

    Naruto: – I’m fine guys, just a little tired.
    Lee: – Is the enemy defeated?
    Neji: – No! I see one figure moving away from here not far away!

    “Neji starts to move, Naruto puts his hand on Nejis Shoulder stopping him. Neji Looks surprised at him”

    Neji: – Naruto?

    “Naruto gives Neji a serious stare”

    Naruto: – Let her go Neji, she is not the enemy.
    Neji: – Did you let her go?
    Naruto: – Yes. Pain is dead, they are not our enemy anymore.
    Neji: – But they destroyed the village! They Killed!
    Naruto: – I know Neji, but as a final act Pain also revived the people that died….

    “Lee and Neji is shocked by this statement”

    Lee: -Revived?
    Neji: What are you talking about Naruto!?

    “Naruto stands on his own, tall and determined. He looks them straight in the eyes. He puts his hands on their shoulders”

    Naruto: Don’t worry you two. I’ve defeated Pain. Before he died he Revived the people who he hurt in Konoha. Even if that sounds weird it will all be explained in time. We won…. Konan left with their bodies to Amegakure. They will support us from now on. Trust in me.
    The village needs us now. Let’s go home.

    “Naruto smiles”
    “Both Lee and Neji is taken in by Narutos determination and can say nothing. They both stand there in some kind of aw at Narutos presence. ”

    Naruto: – Come on guys, help me home.
    Neji: – Eh.. Of course Naruto!

    “Leaning on his comrades Naruto begins the walk home.”

    Switch to Sakura:

    “Sakura is helping people around the debris”

    Sakura thinks: Impossible! I don’t know what happened but people came back from the dead….This is a miracle.

    “Someone Shouts something and Sakura looks up to see what the fuss is”

    Ten-ten: – Naruto! It’s Naruto!

    “Sakura looks around and see that people are standing up all over the place to see Naruto return. Besides her is Hinata that is crying with Joy. Hinata stands up and shouts. Naruuutooo – Kuuunn!

    Sakura feels as all her worries is washed away and she feels light-hearted at all the peoples joy at Naruto’s return. She smiles and looks at the horizon.”
    Sakura thinks: Naruto! Look what you have become to the village….You saved us!
    “Sakura looks to see the figure of Naruto leaning lightly on Neji slowly walking towards the crater area. The sun is starting to set so they have the sun in their back making them somewhat shadowy. Besides them Lee is walking to.”

    “Naruto lets go of Neji and raises his hand in a wave towards the people of Konoha. The people stand in silence as Naruto passes them and walks up to Sakura, Hinata and gang.
    He looks around and smiles and his new found determination can be seen by all”

    Naruto: – I’m glad your all safe! It was a close call there. The danger is over for now. Let’s rebuild!

    “The people around all start to cheer and chant”

    People: – Naruto! Konoha’s saviour!

    Switch to Sasuke:
    A panorama from outside the house Sasuke and gang was staying in, all members ready to go. Close up on Sasukes face, Let’s move out! In the background you see one Sharingan looking down upon the team.

    What will happen to the village?
    Next chapter: – Wounds –

  5. Oh! I’m also excited about Kakashi. I think Kakashi will be the first person Naruto discusses his father(the 4th) with. I’m hoping when Naruto tells Kakashi about the masked man being behind the kyuubi attacking the village that Kakashi will kick Naruto’s training in gear and prepare him to fight against the sharingan.

    Did I mention I think its time for Sasuke to get his ass handed to him by Naruto…This sooo needs to happen.

    So who’s gonna show up first? Sasuke or the Cloud Nin? Also, what would happen if Naruto talks with the Cloud Nin first and finds out about what he did to KB? What will happen when Naruto tells Sasuke about the Tobi/masked guy?

    Lots of ppl bagging on Kishi right now but I think there are plenty of good times ahead in this manga.

  6. We’ll hopefully see both aftermath and Sasuke development. I would love to see Kakashi’s reaction to Naruto’s improvement.

  7. NaruHina moment, NOW !!!!

    Those flowers better end up in her hands.

    • re-gifting is bad!!!

    • hinata doesn’t need to know. she’ll prbably fap when she receives it from naruto.

  8. i liked that the people came back to life.

    don’t really understand why people are complaining so much

    anyway, probably going to be a chapter of either all sasuke or sasuke/danzou

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